Custodian Settings

Settings changing the default behavior of the custodian executable can be passed for every VASP calculation via the inputs.custodian.settings input. Inputs passed to the calculation by this option are expected to be of type dict containing the parameters and the corresponding values to be set as key-value pairs. For instance, if you are using a builder to setup the calculation the settings may be given as

builder.inputs.custodian.settings = {
  'max_errors': 10,
  'monitor_freq': 5,

In the following all available options that may be defined and the corresponding default options that are used in case they are undefined are shown in the following.

Available Options:

  • max_errors (int) – This sets the maximum number of errors that may occur for a single calculation before terminating the calculation (default: 10)
  • polling_time_step (int) – Seconds between two consecutive checks for the calculation being completed (default: 10)
  • monitor_freq (int) – Number of performed polling steps before the calculation is checked for possibly encountered errors (default: 30)
  • skip_over_errors (bool) – Set this option to True to skip over any failed error handler (default: False)