Parser Classes

In the following the parser classes implemented by this plugin are documented. In general, the implemented parser plugins are used to parse the calculation outputs generated by VASP calculations that have been performed using the plugins’ calculation classes. Parsers can be individually set for each calculation through the metadata.options.parser_name option by passing the entry point name of the parser you intent to use.


You can use the verdi plugin list aiida.parsers command to get a list of all currently installed parsers:

$ verdi plugin list aiida.parsers
Registered entry points for aiida.parsers:
* arithmetic.add
* cusp.default
* templatereplacer.doubler

Similarly to setting the parser name, additional parser settings that alter the parser behavior may be passed through the metadata.options.parser_settings option. Of course, the available parser_settings and generated calculation outputs depend on the parser class you chose to use for each calculation. For an overview of the generated outputs and available settings for each of the plugin’s parser classes, please refer to the documentation of the individual parsers given below.

Available Parser Classes: